Trail prep and a few hangups

Hello, hello! It’s time for an update! It’s now September and that means fall is coming, it also means that I leave for New Zealand (again) in November. Two years ago, while I was living in NZ a few mates and I decided to trek the length of the north island. I’m coming back to complete the south island portion of Te Araroa, as well as incorporating other trails while hiking the main vein; ambitious as it is, I’m keen to do it. Food on my person is probably the concerning factor here, as there are spans of days where you can’t resupply; that also means longer days. We’ll see how we go.

The thing with thru hiking is that we hikers create a significant amount of rubbish. From throwing away old beaten trail clothes and shoes to food packaging, our lifestyle plays into the whole, “throwaway culture” we would like to reduce.  Like most people, I’m concerned about reducing my carbon footprint, yet here we are… I just find it hard to reconcile hiking and creating (what I think is) a heap of rubbish. If someone can help me think through this or even suggest a way to reducing one’s own carbon footprint your input is greatly appreciated!

Author: csangalang

Traveler turned hiker. Word vomit, profound thoughts (ha!) and dirt bagging. Looking for the next trail to walk.

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