cash us ou’side, how bou’ daah.

So remember when Tommo and I went to Yosemite over Memorial Day weekend and made asses of ourselves? It gets better, we went trail running too; but nowhere around other tourists. C’mon, we’re not like those trail runners… /s

That weekend consisted of us cowboying it out in line to get a camp spot at the notorious Camp 4 site. Yeah, camping in line to get a tent spot.. let that sink in. But two free nights, i’ll take it; and probably do it again.
Our first day consisted of a 37.8km (23.5 mi) hike consisting portions of the JMT, Nevada Falls, Illilouette Falls, Glacier Point, and Four Mile trail. Barefoot bouldering, cowboy camping, making trips to the shop, drinking beers and eating burnt baked beans for dinner, a perfect weekend away.

Music by: SBTRKT