24 May 2015 Update

Time sure flies when you’re not paying attention. I arrived in Christchurch nearly three weeks ago, staying this long was probably one of the dumber decisions I’ve made so far. I came here to look for work, but living costs seem to overtake my wages. As a backpacker, you’re able to get work, but the trick is finding something that brings in a steady income. I’ve only had a few days work the entire time I’ve been here and I’ll probably have better luck finding steady work elsewhere; but at least I accomplished what I came here to do, get my car fixed. It’s rather disorienting going from a nature reserve to an urban setting in such a short time that I forget that New Zealand does have cities like Christchurch. Now my next step is to figure out which direction to go, do I head north up to Kaikoura with my car or do I head down south to the Catlins? I’ve toyed with the idea of leaving my car here at the hostel and taking the bus up to Kaikoura for a few days. It’s relatively small and I wouldn’t need a car to get around, if I were to stay there for a few days, Ideally I’d like to camp out in my car and save on hostel expenses; But being that it’s nearing winter, the temperature does drop into the negatives and I’m not quite sure if I have proper sleeping equipment to stay warm throughout the night. Talking with travelers along the way, I’ve learned that the Catlins are pretty remote and that supplies aren’t located conveniently, so it’d be wise to come well stocked with food, water, and cooking devices, as camping out there could be necessary. A former coworker of mine mentioned a few need-to-see spots while I’m down there, mainly Curio Bay and the Petrified forest. I’m sure there’s heaps to see down there.

until next time!


Until next time Wanaka.

Yesterday I left behind the comforts of Wanaka to head over to Christchurch to get my car repaired, and now I’m tempted to start working again to make more money to fund my travels. It is nice to be able to travel again, but when necessary evils like car repairs, booking hostels, and buying food/drink, begin to pop up, and it helps to have an amount of cash that can ease the burden of having to take care of those things.

Update: I’ve decided to stay in Christchurch for a stint to work and have my car repaired. Transmission and clutch repairs are around $700-$800 (fuck me sideways). I’m going to need work so I booked an interview with a construction agency for me to find work for the time being. This should be interesting.

The travelers I’ve talked to told me that Christchurch is bleak, they weren’t wrong. I took a stroll through the city with some guys I had met that Foley Towers and there are construction sites everywhere. Amongst all the city rubble lay a scheme for new opportunities for new development and growth for this city. The city is congested with traffic cones, construction signs, shipping containers, and building scaffolding; but behind all the metal and dust, street art thrives. From tags scribbled discreetly on building corners to massive murals on entire building facades, art is everywhere; watching over the city’s residents juxtaposing the bleakness of its own construction. Christchurch currently has an exhibit dedicated to street art hosted at the local YMCA, featuring artists local and international, it’s completely worth checking out.

Featured Image provided by streetart.co.nz